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All I Want for Christmas Kids Questions

Be part of our Christmas Production by filming your kids answering some Christmas based questions!

Hello - Please upload your Videos here!



Hey Parents!

Remember last year we sent you a bunch of Christmas related questions to ask your kids and to film them answering in their own words?

Well we're doing it again -- we can't wait to compare their answers and see how much has changed in a year!

We're after real and funny answers, we suggest you keep the camera rolling as you film all the questions, so we can edit it and pick out any funny or peculiar little characteristics your child might have.

The list of Questions are as follows:

(But please feel free to add your own questions too)

  • What's your favourite Christmas carol? -- Can you sing a little of it?

  • Tell me about the Christmas story

  • What does Christmas mean to you?

  • What would you like for Christmas this year?

  • What's the best thing about Christmas time?

  • What's your favourite Christmas memory?

Please Note: When filming, please make sure you have your camera turned to the side to film in wide view, as we will edit the video this way.

Please make sure you film in good lighting with minimal background noise.

We suggest getting outdoors in natural light and filming your video there.

Most of all, we hope you have fun with it -- We can't wait to see your vids!

We'll be accepting submissions up until December 1st -- but the sooner you get it done, the better!